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Indian Head Massage Course Outline

Introduction to Indian Head Massage - 6 Weeks

Course Aim:

This course provides a foundation in practical skills together with the background information necessary to safely carry out a simple Indian Head Massage sequence on friends and family within the home. Treatment areas will be the back, neck, shoulders, arms, head and face.

This is a good starting point for those considering progression to practitioner level, as well as those who have attended other courses and would like to broaden the range of treatments they carry out within their own home. This indian head massage course does not enable students to work professionally upon completion.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Carry out a complete basic Indian Head Massage treatment following a given sequence
  2. Know the names and location of the main muscle groups and bones worked over in Indian Head Massage
  3. Handle and support the head, face, neck, arms and shoulders with confidence and postion the receiver comfortably
  4. Use massage techniques of effleurage, tapotement and petrissage over the treatment areas
  5. Know the reasons behind why a treatment might not be carried out (contra-indications)
  6. Demonstrate how to use own body positions to best advantage for application of massage
  7. List the beneficial effects of and Indian Head Massage Treatment
  8. Be aware of what reactions to expect during a treatment (contra-actions) and give informed after care advice

Home Study:

It is really good for your progress if you have some friends or family who will let you have a practice between classes.

How the Course is Taught:

Explanation of each move and – white board / flip chart / handouts

Demonstration – revision and new areas

Practical work – linking learning together to a given sequence on another class member – help and guidance given where needed

Each week will have time for questions and answers and recapping of moves.

Students will be given a treatment handbook which is followed each week to build up to a complete sequence for class and home use.

Working with tutor to assess head massage pressure and feedback from fellow students

What you Will Need to Bring with You:

An A4 ring binder, pen / pencil, 1 medium size bath towel, antiseptic hand gel or wipes

Certificate of Attendance awarded.

Note - On our 1 Day Workshops, we do not include learning massage techniques to the arms, hands or face which are incorporated over a six week course but all other course aims apply.

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