What are Crystals About?

amethyst crystal, rose quartz, blue vitriol crystals

Crystals have always held an air of mystery as many people realise that, apart from being beautiful to look at and nice to hold, they are reputed to hold therapeutic qualities.

Crystals actually form from small seeds which grow within magma (molten rock) once it begins to cool, some originating deep within the Earth.

The properties of the various crystals work on a vibrational level andtherefore on the holistic theory of working on the mind, body and spirit of the individual. Some crystalsare recognised for their calming and others for their energy giving. The colours are important and correspond to different parts of the body, whereby placing the crystals in certain places on the body they may assist the body’s natural healing process to promote well being.

It is a vast and exciting subject which can amaze and leave you wanting to know more. Why not dip your toe in, attend a workshop and allow yourimagination to encompass the fascination of crystals...

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