What are Bach Flower Remedies?

white flower

There are 38 single Bach flower remedies which correspond to different emotions and moods. Dr. Edward Bach dedicated his life to both medical research and then turned to using the nature of the plant world to develop these safe yet subtly powerful flower essences.

The very simplicity of these remedies make it very accessible for the lay person to use. In fact that is what Dr. Bach strived to achieve as he wanted to ensure that everyone, from all spheres of life, could benefit from the purity of the remedies. All you have to know about is yourself!

Five of the remedies have been pooled together to form the Bach Rescue Remedy which is a well known tool to use in times of crisis and emergency. Its immediate calming effect is priceless and can be used from the time of being born and throughout the rest of your life.

Why not come along and learn how to mix remedy bottles? It will help you and, if you wish, your whole family. See how you can assist in balancing the dynamics of your household with these amazing essences.

Learn About Bach Flower Remedies

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