Julie is happy to tutor the programme to parents at baby / toddler groups, breastfeeding groups, coffee morning groups or to parents within the comfort or their own home.

Baby Reflex Course

Baby reflex techniques can be used on baby from four weeks of age.

Baby reflexology courses in Essex

The babyreflex baby sessions will last an hour and a half a week and sessions include:

Toddler Reflex Course

Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers techniques can be used when baby is able to stand. For week 1, if at all possible, it is ideal for you to attend without your toddler or to bring another family member to help with your child whilst you learn.

The Toddler sessions will last an hour and a half a week and sessions include:

What you will need to bring to each session

Please bring your own cushion and blanket for your baby. Please bring your own nappies / nappy sacks Please bring your baby's drink / feed - the session may make babies a little more thirsty than usual For Toddlers, please bring their own toy(s) to play with as you learn the initial techniques and their own drink (snack if you feel that they will need one)


If you are going to attend as part of a group of at least 4 adults (plus babies) the cost will be £30 for the 3 sessions. An additional week as follow up and recap of all the techniques may be added if desired at a cost of only £5 per head. For Toddler Reflex over 2 weeks the cost is £20.

If you host a group session for four or more people and their babies / toddlers within your own home, your attendance will be free of charge by way of a thank you.

If you would prefer to learn the techniques with just your own family and not within a group, the cost will rise accordingly - a good way to do this is to have a reflexology / therapy session yourself whilst Mum / Dad or a friend are with your baby and then add on the baby reflex learning before or afterwards. Your therapy session and the baby / toddler techniques will be £35 each visit.

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