Reflexology for babies, reflexology for toddlers

What is Baby Reflex (babyreflextm )?

Baby Reflex is specially adapted reflexology for babies; the techniques are only practiced on the feet. These techniques were developed for 'bonding' mother and baby, and over the years have helped to ease, relieve and eliminate many discomforting conditions in babies.

In order to use the techniques effectively with toddlers a routine has been developed to work on the toddlers hands.

The benefits of these techniques are:

Julie would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family to teach you the calming and soothing benefits of reflexology with some specially designed light stroking moves to the little feet of babies or the hands of toddlers. You will learn a series of simple moves that are nurturing and bonding to use on your own baby. For Toddlers, the touch is fun and set to well known nursery rhymes.

Note for Parents

It is important that parents receive full instruction on how to use the baby reflex charts and diagrams before they begin to treat their babies/toddlers with baby reflex. Your qualified baby reflex trainer/reflexologist will ensure that you are applying the right touch in the right place and when it is safe for baby's health to do so.

Parents should always contact their Doctor regarding any concerns with their baby’s health. This is also important in the case of baby showing symptoms for an underlying virus or other infection.

A Mum giving a baby reflexology treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Baby is on medication – can he/she have Baby Reflex?

Baby reflex is a natural, safe, non-invasive complementary therapy. Complementary means that it is designed to work alongside conventional medicine. Parents must NOT STOP BABY’S PRESCRIBED MEDICINE.

Parents will be given a full list of cautions relating to health for when treatment may or may not be carried out on attending the baby/toddler reflex workshops and will be asked to fill in a full health quesionnaire relating to baby to ensure it is safe to attend the trainings.

What may parents expect during and after a treatment?

It is not unusual for baby to fall asleep, become thirstier and wee more and produce more bowel movements. Baby might develop a slight temperature, sneeze or sweat a little more than usual. These are all perfectly normal reactions to reflexology and are very short-lived.

How long will a Baby Reflex treatment take?

Each treatment should not last longer than 5 minutes and there should be no more than 3 treatments in 24 hours. Babies have much tinier feet than adults when a session would take 45 minutes to 1 hour and they have much more heightened response in their new little feet than adults who walk about on theirs all the time!

Support and advice is just a phone call away – please feel free to contact Julie on 01277 652073

For more information about this wonderful therapeutic touch please check out the babyreflex website at

Julie is happy to tutor the programme to parents at baby / toddler groups, breastfeeding groups, coffee morning groups or to parents within the comfort or their own home.

Learn About Baby Reflexology

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