Aromatherapy Course Outline

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Course Aim:

This 10 week absolute beginners course will examine at least 10 aromatherapy oils, their qualities and effects upon physical and emotional health and well being. Topics include learning how to dilute, blend and store oils. We will cover their different methods of use together with building a massage sequence for use on family and friends. The importance of what to look out for when purchasing oils to ensure their purity and quality will also be covered.

This course does not enable students to work professionally upon completion.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Safely blend and chose the right oils for your family and friends
  2. Give an aromatherapy massage of the whole body
  3. Know when you can and cannot use aromatherapy safely

Home Study:

It is really good for your progress if you have some friends or family who you can practice on between classes.

How the Course is Taught:

Demonstration of each massage move / basic anatomy of the muscles being worked. Practical work – linking learning together with a given sequence on another class member – lots of support and guidance will be given. Each week will have time for questions and answers and recapping of moves. Students will be given handouts to back up class work.

What You Will Need to Bring with You:

An A4 ring binder, Pen / pencil, Two bath towels.

What is Provided for You:

Carrier oil, all the essential oils for use in class.

Certificate of Attendance is awarded at the end of the course.

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